Live from Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA


We are in the SOLD OUT OAKLAND COLISEUM and as the opening theme plays, standing in the ring is WCCW Commissioner, COMMISSIONER PATRICK. The crowd is going wild and when they finally settle down, PATRICK can welcome us.

PATRICK: Greetings WCCW and welcome to HOMECOMING!


PATRICK: You know, I’m the type of man who is not afraid to admit when I’ve made a mistake. Last year when we joined the LWA, I thought it was the right thing to do. I thought it would bring our federation more recognition. But it didn’t. What it did do was make a complete mess of things. All of our top talent, talent you loved and cheered since we opened our doors was spread across the United States. We were left some great talent, but were also forced to sign some mediocre talent at best. Then there was the gross mismanagement of the LWA! Getting any of the main office of the LWA was like pulling teeth. It was a mess and for that unfortunate waste of time I deeply apologize. I’ve learned from my mistakes and I hope to prove that to you, the wrestling fans tonight. Tonight, at HOMECOMING, you’re going to see the return of several of your favorite WCCW stars! In fact, let’s start right now! Ladies and gentlemen, wrestling in your first match tonight, the return of…

Suddenly over the PA system: HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!



CROWD CHEERS as DUGGAN makes his way to the ring to take on GEROGE SOUTH in our opening match.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. George South via pinfall after a FLYING SPEAR – ** – Short and sweet match that saw the returning DUGGAN taking the fall rather quickly. After the match he grabbed the microphone.

DUGGAN: Listen up! Good ol’ Hacksaw is back in the WCCW! Right where he belongs! I’m here to be the WCCW Enforcer! You break the rules you get an up close personal visit from this here 2×4! Got it! HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

DUGGAN stormed out of the ring to the cheers of the fans in attendance.

THE BACK ALLEY PUNKS’ music hits and BRUTUS BEEFCAKE and VIRGIL make their way to the ring to a loud chorus of boos from the crowd. Conspicuous by her absence is TRINITY DENUCCI. BEEFCAKE AND VIRGIL hit the ring.

BEEFCAKE: Well, one thing I can say for sure is that the BACK ALLEY PUNKS sure haven’t lit any rings on fire since we teamed up. And the finger of blame, I believe belongs pointed squarely in the direction of our worthless manager, Trinity Denucci! I mean who’d heard of this chick before she teamed with us? She was a nobody and she still is a nobody and now she’s being a nobody out in some backwoods indy fed. Good riddance.

VIRGIL comes and grabs the mic from BEEFCAKE.

VIRGIL: That’s right. We’re gonna be a lot better off without her around! She was trash and now she is out with the trash!

Both men laugh.

VIRGIL: You know, Beefcake, you are a skilled tag team technician. I like that about you. I also like that you’re street tough. You came from the streets and it really shows. You smell of the streets. You have a sort of raw, powerful…odor that once it gets into your nose, you can’t do much else but vomit!

BEEFCAKE is floored, he spins around.

VIRGIL: That’s right! You’re nothing but a piece of street trash much like DeNucci! I’m much more used to hanging out with a higher class bunch and starting today that’s exactly what I’m aiming to do!

PA SYSTEM begins blaring the MILLION DOLLAR THEME and down the ramp comes THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN TED DIBIASE and SENSATIONAL SHERRI. DIBIASE gets into the ring and stands face to face with BEEFCAKE when VIRGIL suddenly attacks BEEFCAKE from behind.

Moments into the beating the crowd erupts as the returning GREG “THE HAMMER” VALENTINE makes his way to the ring with a referee in tow! VALENTINE tells the ref to start the match and the bell sounds and it looks like an impromptu tag team match is underway!

THE DREAM TEAM d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via pinfall when Brutus Beefcake hit Virgil with a running stomp – ** – A decent match between these two version of former WCCW teams. Definitely not the last time we’ll see them meet in the ring, for sure.

S.D. JONES makes his way to the ring to the boos of the crowd. He grabs the mic.

JONES: Well, well, well, look who survived the cut. And is it any surprise?! I have been on a sweet, sweet roll! The most dominant…

VOICE ON PA: Oh would you just shut up!

The crowd is silenced as is S.D. JONES as the somewhat familiar voice and from behind the curtain steps none other than BOBBY “THE BRAIN” HEENAN!

“Weasel’ chants begin from the crowd.

HEENAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah…you huminoids just keep shouting weasel all you want. I could care less. I have bigger fish to fry tonight. And as for you, S.D. Jones, I’ve got a very big fish for you to try and fry tonight!

JONES: Heenan, you don’t scare me. There’s no one you can bring out here that can take me.

HEENAN: Is that so? Well then I got a special delivery S.D. Jones. It’s a large package and I’m afraid it’s C.O.D. Here’s KING KONG BUNDY!

S.D. JONES looks a little nervous as the crowd begins to boo louder.

The crowd boos as the enormous BUNDY makes his way to ringside and our next match is set to begin.

King Kong Bundy d. S. D. Jones with a pinfall after two devastating AVALANCHES and a five count pin. – ** – Though JONES showed some decent offense, it wasn’t enough against the mountain of a man that BUNDY is. After the match BUDY stood, spit on the lifeless JONES and left the ring with HEENAN.

JIM CORNETTE comes to the ring much to the chagrin of the fans in attendance. He climbs into the ring, clutching some papers in his hand. He grabs a mic and waits for the crowd to semi settle down.

CORNETTE: That’s right you morons, shut up! Let Mama Cornette’s pride and joy, the best manager the WCCW has ever seen. But recently, the team I’ve been managing has been a bit lacking. The Midnight Express, i love them boys, but they have been letting me down. Losing the belts to a far inferior team, the stinking Valiant Brothers! Well I’ve had about enough and Midnight Express, I officially resign as your manager.

CROWD doesn’t know how to react. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS’ music hits and LANE and EATON make their way to the ring with bewildered looks on their faces.

CORNETTE: Oh look, here they come with sourpuss faces! Waaa waa waaa.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS climbs into the ring and ask CORNETTE what’s going on.

CORNETTE: (Laughs) You two actually have the nerve to look shocked. Look, face facts, you’ve been on a bit of a downhill slide as of late. But you know, I reckon I should give you guys a chance. A chance to make it up to me. In my hand here is a managerial contract. I’ll make it simple, you win a match tonight and I’ll sign this contract and once again the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS can call me, Jim Cornette their manager. In fact, let’s really make it sporting and open the challenge to ANY tag team back there in the locker room! I’m putting this contract on the line right here tonight. Any tag team back there who thinks they could benefit by having the greatest manager in the WCCW as their manager, come on out here and face the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. The winner of the match gets me as a manager!

There was a bit of silence as everyone wondered who would accept the challenge.

PA SYSTEM: “Oh you didn’t know”

NEW AGE OUTLAW’S MUSIC hits. Bad Ass Billy Gunn and Road Dogg Jesse James make their way to ringside. They climb up into the ring and grab a mic.

JAMES: Look at this Billy. An open managerial contract. Now, you know we’ve been real hit or miss since we got here to the WCCW. This could be just the boost our career needs.

GUNN: You know D-O- Double G, I think you’re right. Okay Cornette, put the contract on the line and say hello to your new Tag Team!

CORNETTE: You got it! Ring that bell cause no matter who wins tonight, it looks like I’ll be the winner! Express, good luck!

CORNETTE climbs out of the ring and the bells rings to start the match.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. NEW AGE OUTLAWS via pinfall when Bobby Eaton covered “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn after the DOUBLE GOOZLE – *1/2 – After the match, the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS and JIM CORNETTE celebrated their new contract with CORNETTE. Many fans wondered if the open contract was just a ruse to lure the OUTLAWS into a match with the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS.

SENSATIONAL SHERRI makes her way to the ring to a chorus of boos. She’ has a clear briefcase in hand with wads of $100 bills clearly visible inside.

SHERRI: As the CEO of the MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION, it falls on me to spend Mr. DiBiase’s money wisely. And if you know me, I love to spend money. (Laughs) My first order of business was to secure Mr. DiBiase’s empire. Make sure his money was safe and sound. So i went out and found me a new ‘head of security’. Someone who’ll put their life on the line to protect Mr. DiBiase’s assets! The Million Dollar Corporation is proud to present its new Head Of Security, THE MOUNTIE!

THE MOUNTIE makes his way to the ring, threatening the crowd with his shock stick. He climbs into the ring and stands behind SHERRI.

SHERRI: Now, The Mountie want’s nothing more than to prove that he’ll do anything to protect Mr. Dibiase’s money. So here’s $500,000 in cold hard American cash. $500,000 of Mr. DiBiase’s money. This is an open challenge to anyone to try and come out here and take this money from Mr. DiBiase. All you have to do is go through THE MOUNTIE! SO who’s it going to be?

Suddenly, at the top of the ramp appears a short, round bearded man.

MAN: Good evening WCCW. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sir Oliver Humperdink.

CROWD is a little unsure to react.

HUMPERDINK: Ms. Sherri, I believe I would like a crack at that $500,000. I’m sure it’d go a long way to establishing my foothold here in the WCCW.

SHERRI looks at HUMPERDINK for a moment then busts into laughter.

SHERRI: You? You want to step into the ring with THE MOUNTIE?! Are you insane? He’d destroy you in seconds.

HUMPERDINK: (Laughs) Oh no, I’m sorry, I misspoke there Ms. Sherri. You see, I’d only get 20% of that $500,000. I’m just a manager. I’m new here you probably didn’t know that. But one of my men, my charges in the House Of Humperdink would be wrestling for that money. He’s not someone who’s new here though. In fact, he’s quite an experienced WCCW wrestler.

SHERRI: It doesn’t matter who it is, fatty. Send him down. THere’s no way he’s gonna defeat THE MOUNTIE.

HUMPERDINK: Fine, here he is, a man who will only reach new heights under my tutelage, Cowboy Bob Orton!

The COLISEUM erupts as ORTON runs ringside and charges THE MOUNTIE. The bell rings and we are underway!

The Mountie d. “Cowboy” Bob Orton via pinfall after THE MOUNTIE hit ORTON with his shock stick and knocked him out – **1/2 – ORTON was in control for much of the match and had frustrated the MOUNTIE to the point of desperation and that’s when SENSATIONAL SHERRI jumped up onto the apron and distracted the ref allowing MOUNTIE to brian ORTON on the head with the shock stick and get the quick pin.

A large cheer went up as KING HARLEY RACE made his way to the ring. Though he’s never been a total fan favorite, WCCW fans respect the longest reigning champion the fed has ever had. The KING came to the ring and grabbed the mic.

RACE: Thank you. Thank you very much. Here we are at Homecoming and the King is still a part of the WCCW. I for one am glad we’re no longer part of that LWA. To me it was the wrong choice to make and I’m glad we’re now free from those shackles. I have to admit though that since that moment the King’s lost his way a bit. I’ve been out of it. Unfocused. I needed something to return that focus so I can return to my rightful throne atop the WCCW. So in order to bring that focus back, I’d like to introduce my new manager….Bobby “The Brain” Heenan!

The crowd instantly turns on the KING as HEENAN makes his way, laughing, down to the ring. HEENAN climbs into the ring and the two men embrace.

KING: Now, to kick off this new, LWA-less, era of the WCCW, I want a fresh challenge. I want a challenge I’ve never faced before to prove my superiority in the ring. So if there’s anyone back there in the locker room who’s yet to step in the ring with me and has always wanted to, get on out here so I can make you BOW!

There’s an odd silence as everyone wonders who will accept. Suddenly SIR OLIVER HUMPERDINK appears at the top of the ramp.

HUMPERDINK: You want a fresh challenge eh? A challenge you’ve not faced before? Well I’ve looked through the records and have found out that one of my men has never been in the ring with you. And this same man, upon hearing your challenge ordered me to come out here and make the match. So if you want something new, I give you something Magnificent! Magnificent Muraco!

The crowd pops huge as Don Muraco makes his way to the ring with SIR OLIVER HUMPERDINK and the match begins!

Magnificent Muraco d. King Harley Race with a pinfall after a deathjump – **** – This was an an amazing match. Many speculate that MURACO was the first wrestler to ever take RACE to this limit. The two men traded blow after blow, move after move and seemed to match each other perfectly. Both HEENAN and HUMPERDINK got involved but the match continued well past their interference. Fans were witnessing a true wrestling match. In the end MURACO was able to put RACE away after a spectacular deathjump. Fans all over the world hope that this is not the last time they get to witness these two battle each other as it truly was a spectacular match.

CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO makes his way to the ring to the delight of the crowd.

ALBANO: You know something, everyone’s been complaining about the LWA but the Capper has to admit that things have been going great for him since that time. The Missing Link has become the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and the VALIANT BROTHERS are the WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. That’s right, the Capper’s been on top so I could care less about leaving the LWA. I will say this though, leaving the LWA has allowed me to reconnect with a former tag team of mine that had gone off to other parts of the country, would you please welcome THE KILLER BEES.

Large cheer from the CROWD as the KILLER BEES make their way up into the circle. Their return celebration is cut short however when a voice comes over the P.A..

VOICE: Oh, isn’t that sweet. A nice little homecoming.

Suddenly, a man from the distant past of the WCCW (back when it was the Golden State Wrestling), steps through the curtain with the mic. This is former XWF owner THE GRAND WIZARD!

WIZARD: That’s right, I’m back! And Albano, you fat swine, it appears two of my men still have some unfinished business with your Bees!

ALBANO: Wizard, you turban headed freak! My Bees will take on anyone!

WIZARD: Fine. Cause my men, THE IRON SHEIK and NIKOLAI VOLKOFF can’t wait to get into the ring with them.

THE IRON SHEIK and NIKOLAI VOLKOFF step through the curtain and it looks like we’ll have a match.

WIZARD: One thing though, as you may or may not know, THE IRON SHEIK here is injured. He’s not been cleared to wrestle by the doctors. So tonight, Nikolai Volkoff would love to step into the ring with either Bee!

ALBANO: Get down here! And you’ll get your match!

The GRAND WIZARD, THE IRON SHEIK and NIKOLAI VOLKOFF head to ringside and it looks like B. BRIAN BLAIR will be the one wrestling tonight in this unique singles/tag match.

B. Brian Blair d. Nikolai Volkoff via DQ when the IRON SHIEK stormed the ring and kicked BLAIR in the head with his loaded boot – *1/2 – SHIEK and VOLKOFF bailed out of the ring immediately after the bell and with the GRANT WIZARD high tailed it down the aisle into the back. BRUNZELL and ALBANO helped

MR. PERFECT’S music hits and he makes his way to ringside to a chorus of cheers. He steps into the ring.

PERFECT: Well, I’m poud to say, I’ve done it! That’s right I’ve driven my father from the WCCW! You’ve seen the last of Larry “The Axe” Henning. That’s now fired me up to concentrate on bigger and better things, namely the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. As perfect as I am, however, I realize that in order to achieve that will take some planning. That’s why I’ve obtained the managerial services of the smartest man in professional wrestling, Bobby “The Brian” Heenan!

Again, at the mention of HEENAN’S name the crowd turns! HEENAN come out laughing and climbs into the ring.

HEENAN: Boy oh boy, it seems to me as if the Heenan Family is growing more and more powerful by the second! Bundy, Race and now Mr. Perfect! The most perfect athlete in the WCCW. The Heenan family is unbeatable!

WIZARD: I wouldn’t say, unbeatable!

THE GRAND WIZARD appears at the top of the ramp. The CROWD is a little unsure how to react as both HEENAN and the GRAND WIZARD are far from fan favorites.

WIZARD: Just how perfect is Mr. Perfect?

HEENAN: Are you kidding, this man’s kills are legendary. He’s the most technically sound athlete in the WCCW.

WIZARD: Well how is he against an opponent who’s a little more, shall we say, unpredictable?

HEENAN: Heh, there’s no one out there that you could produce that would be able to out wrestle Mr. Perfect in the ring.

WIZARD: Out wrestle? Heh. I wasn’t talking bout out wrestling my man. I’m talking about surviving my man. You want the perfect challenge, here he is! Witness the raw destruction of….THE SHEIK!

THE SHIEK tears through the curtain heading down to ringside and the bell rings and our match is underway!

Mr. Perfect d. The Sheik via DQ when SHIEK refused to stop brawling outside the ring – ** – This match was a blur of scientific versus out and out brutality the WCCW has ever seen. In the end, PERFECT got the win when SHIEK refused to stop brawling and was DQ’d. These two will meet again for sure to determine a winner.

After we get the ring clear from that last match and some order restored, COMMISSIONER PATRICK returns to the ring.

PATRICK: Well fans, I think we’ve had a wild night of action so far wouldn’t you?

CROWD cheers.

PATRICK: But the night ain’t over yet! WCCW’S HOMECOMING is a supercard and as you know on supercards, titles are defended that’s why tonight both championships will be decided! First I’d like to introduce your WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, along with the manager Captain Lou Albano, Jimmy and Johnny Valiant, The Valiant Brothers!

Big cheer from the crowd as ALBANO and THE VALIANT BROTHERS make their way to ringside and climb up into the ring.

PATRICK: Now Lou, you know that all WCCW Champions must defend their championships in a timely manner.

ALBANO: Of course, of course Patrick. And my men here will gladly face any challenge from any tag team. Who do we got tonight? The Million Dollar Corporation? The Dream team.

PATRICK: No they’ve already wrestled.


PATRICK: No again, they’ve already wrestled.

ALBANO: Well then who is it, don’t keep the Capper in suspense.

PATRICK: Well, in order to get this team to sign with the WCCW, I had to promise them that their first match would be a title match and…

ALBANO: That’s fine, my men here are the most dominating tag team in professional wrestling today! Bring them out!

PATRICK: Fine. Ladies and gentlemen, your challengers for tonight….THE ROAD WARRIORS!

The roof of the COLISEUM is about blasted off with cheering as HAWK, ANIMAL and PAUL ELLERING step through the curtain! The ROAD WARRIORS are focused on nothing but THE VALIANTS as they march down the ramp to the ring.

THE ROAD WARRIORS d. THE VALIANT BROTHERS via pinfall when Road Warrior Animal covered Johnny Valiant after the DOOMSDAY DEVICE – *** – THE ROAD WARRIORS just bowled over the VALIANTS. The VALIANTS gained absolutely no traction during the match and even with CAPTAIN LOU trying to get involved, the match was short lived and the ROAD WARRIORS were dominant! This was an amazing mach and your NEW WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS are THE ROAD WARRIORS!

THE ROAD WARRIORS celebrate in the ring and COMMISSIONER PATRICK comes out to congratulate them. Once things settle down and the ROAD WARRIORS return to the locker room, PATRICK grabs the mic to announce the main event.

PATRICK: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, The Missing Link and his manager, Captain Lou Albano!

Huge cheers from the CROWD as CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO leads THE MISSING LINK to the ring. The LINK, as always, is wild and scatterbrianed, so ALBANO does his best to focus him.

PATRICK: Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, for your main event, we are going to do something historic. We’re going to take the WCCW CHAMPIONSHIP BELT here and with one match add even more prestige to it. For you see the WCCW Belt has been held by Ted DiBiase, The Iron Sheik, Harley Race, The Destroyer and, of course it’s current holder, The Missing Link. But tonight we’ll make it the most sought after belt in the history of professional wrestling as we unify it with the belt that every professional wrestler in the known universe was gunning for. For the Link’s opponent tonight is none other than the LWA WOLRD CHAMPION, Ravishing Rick Rude!

RICK RUDE heads to ringside with his manager BOBBY HEENAN. RUDE carries with him the LWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP belt. They enter the ring and stand facing THE MISSING LINK who is in the corner looking wild eyed at the crowd.

PATRICK: Tonight we will unify the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP and the LWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP into one title. Tonight, whom ever wins unifies the belt and becomes the ultimate champion as the LWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP becomes absorbed into the WCCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

CROWD cheers!

PATRICK: May the best man win!

COMMISSIONER PATRICK leaves the ring and when CAPTAIN LOU and BOBBY HEENAN do as well, the bell rings and we’re off.

Missing Link d. “Ravishing” Rick Rude via pinfall after an ATOMIC DROP – ***** – Many predicted this would be LINK’S last match as champion. Here you had the defending LWA champion returning to the WCCW to face the man who had entered the LWA title tournament himself and lost. But those predictions turned out to be as unpredictable as the MISSING LINK himself. This was a wild match that saw chairs, managers and just about everything but the kitchen sink involved. In the end, the LINK was able to put RUDE away.

As the show went off the air, HEENAN was screaming that they would be demanding a rematch. It’ll be interesting to see what COMMISSIONER PATRICK will say about that possibility.

THE MISSING LINK celebrated by hugging both belts, though it was unclear if he understood the magnitude of what he’d accomplished tonight. That’s all from Oakland as we…