King Harley Race d. Larry Sharpe via pinfall after a deathjump – **1/2 – KING was distracted the entire match as DON MURACO had come out to the entranceway to watch him wrestle. This led to LARRY SHARPE almost getting the pin after catching RACE off guard with a piledriver. In the end RACE was able to pull out the win and RACE and MURACO had a stare down till we broke for commercial.

King Kong Bundy d. Koko B. Ware via pinfall after the AVALANCHE – SQUASH – BUNDY made short work of WARE squashing him with an AVALANCHE.

Mr. Perfect d. Cousin Luke with a pinfall after the PERFECT-PLEX – SQUASH – MR. PERFECT showed why he is the best technical wrestler in the WCCW. After the match he grabbed the mic.

PERFECT: Sheik! Come Wrestlemania, you’re going to learn that technical skills will trump unpredictability any day of the week! And my technical skills are…perfect!

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. THE DREAM TEAM when Stan Lane defeated Brutus Beefcake with a pinfall after a flapjack – *1/2 – MIDNIGHT EXPRESS showed their skills by handily defeating the DREAM TEAM. After the match CORNETTE took hold of the mic.

CORNETTE: Road Warriors, you may be back, but you are nothing to the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. The best tag team in the WCCW! After THE VALIANTS get their return title shot, you’d better be prepared for THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS!


MURACO: Race. You call yourself the King. The King of what? As far as I can see tonight, you’re the king of almost losing to a bum! Well, I want to take that crown from you and I aim to do so at Wrestlemania 3! And I don’t want that weasel Heenan interfering so I’m proposing that it’s you and me in a in a fifteen foot high steel cage! I’ll be eagerly awaiting your reply brother!

After this shocking challenge. former WCCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE VALIANT BROTHERS came to the HOT SEAT along with their manager CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO. APTER began by asking what their plans were to get back the belts.

JOHNNY VALIANT: Plans? You’d better believe we’ve got plans Apter!

JIMMY VALIANT: That’s right! We had it all. We were on top of the world, then those Road Warriors strolled right into the WCCW and stole our belts away from us!

JOHNNY VALIANT: That’s right! They crawl out of whatever hole they were hiding in and waltz into a title shot with us!

JIMMY VALIANT: Bottom line is we weren’t prepared to face the Road Warriors that night! And there’s only one person to blame.

JOHNNY VALIANT: That’s right, the fat, disgusting slob who let this all happen!


JOHNNY and JIMMY VALIANT started pummeling their manager, crumpling him to a ball on the floor. After ALBANO lay lifeless on the ground, JOHNNY grabbed the mic from APTER.

JOHNNY VALIANT: Breaking away from the LWA was the stupidest thing this federation ever did! So we’re heading to greener pastures! Goodbye WCCW, the Valiant Brothers are officially terminating their contracts effective immediately!

What a shocking development! THE VALIANT BROTHERS fire their manager and leave the WCCW for good!

COWBOY BOB ORTON and “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN were in the ring ready for their match when suddenly THE MOUNTIE and SENSATIONAL SHERRI appeared at ringside. SHERRI took the mic as THE MOUNTIE held open a large briefcase filled with money.

SHERRI: Duggan! This is $10,000. More money than you have ever seen in your entire low class life. It’s yours. If you injure Orton!

HACKSAW looked back and forth between ORTON and THE MOUNTIE and then without warning DUGGAN attacked ORTON and the match began!

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan d. “Cowboy” Bob Orton – This match ended in a draw (Double DQ after the action spilled out of the ring and both DUGGAN and ORTON refused to stop brawling) – * – The bell rang but this match never got started! It was a wild affair with DUGGAN trying to injure ORTON to get that $10,000.

After the bell signaled the end of the match, ORTON made an escape through the crowd but stopped to look back at THE MOUNTIE who was laughing. DUGGAN tried to charge THE MOUNTIE to get the briefcase but THE MOUNTIE tossed it to SHERRI and hit DUGGAN with his shock stick!

THE MOUNTIE stood laughing over the fallen DUGGAN as the show went off the air.