“Cowboy” Bob Orton d. Koko B. Ware via pinfall via a SUPERPLEX – * – ORTON makes short work of KOKO B. WARE and showed the crowd he’s ready to take on RUDE for the title.

A video package showing the feud between JIMMY “SUPERFLY” SNUKA and KING KONG BUNDY is shown and it’s announced that the two will meet at LAST NIGHT in a FIRST BLOOD MATCH

S. D. Jones d. Missing Link via DQ when LINK hist JONES with a steel chair – *1/2 – MISSING LINK was on his way to winning this thing fair and square when he flipped out a bit and smacked JONES with a chair picking up a DQ!

We get a rundown of the feud between THE BOLSHEVIKS and HILBILLY JIM and COUSIN LUKE and how it involved the IRON SHEIK and “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN! We then get a rundown of the rules of the GULAG ELIMINATION MATCH! Six man Steel Cage Match with a ref. When a wrestler is pinned he leaves the cage and the match continues until one team is victorious!

Iron Sheik d. George “The Animal” Steele via DQ when the IRON SHEIK refuses to stop brawling – ** – After the match, SHEIK continued to beat on STEELE until MISSING LINK and CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO ran ringside to make the save! ALBANO was able to calm STEELE down and left with both him and LINK together.

COMMISSIONER PATRICK announces that with the current addition of three more television stations adding WCCW to their lineup, WEST COAST CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING is opening up contracts to a few select wrestlers and tag teams! Non sanctioned events will be held on January 1st and 2nd to evaluate possible future superstars!

THE BOLSHEVIKS d. Hillbilly Jim and Cousin Luke via pinfall when Nikolai Volkoff hit Cousin Luke with a BACKBREAKER DROP – DUD – This match drew chants of boring from the crowd even though these four men are currently feuding. The desire just wasn’t there in this match on either side, leading some fans to believe they were saving their true anger for LAST NIGHT.

A video package recapping the feud between KING HARLEY RACE and ONE MAN GANG is shown and it’s announced that the two will meet at LAST NIGHT in a ANYTHING GOES STREET FIGHT (Hardcore Texas Death) Match where the loser must BOW to the winner!

KILLER BEES d. THE DREAM TEAM when “Jumping” Jim Brunzell covered Greg “The Hammer” Valentine after a KILLER DROPKICK – ** – KILLER BEES get the win in this confrontation with their rivals THE DREAM TEAM. Many think this puts KILLER BEES right behind the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS in the rankings, especially after the EXPRESS’ loss last week.

At the start of BILL APTER’S segment it’s announced that at LAST NIGHT, ANDRE THE GIANT will be facing MR. PERFECT and BOBBY “THE BRIAN” HEENAN in a handicap match! APTER said he doesn’t like HEENAN’S chances of making it out of the ring unscathed!

Out first are the #1 contenders to the World Tag Team Titles THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS with JIM CORNETTE. STAN LANE says that the EXPRESS has been out of the title picture for much too long and it’s good to be back. EATON adds that the ROAD WARRIORS talk tough, but THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS is STILL the longest reigning WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS in the WCCW and the most dedicated as they stayed put when the whole LWA fiasco happened. CORNETTE agrees and says that on January 1st his men will be the new WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Next out is “COWBOY” BOB ORTON. APTER asks him his strategy going in against “RAVISHING” RICK RUDE and he’s about to answer when SENSATIONAL SHERRI comes to the set laughing. ORTON asks why she’s there and she says that she told him he had a surprise for him. She says that he beat THE MOUNTIE fair and square and now he’s out until January. He said THE MOUNTIE was upset about the loss until he was approached by none other than BOBBY “THE BRAIN” HEENAN who offered to pay for THE MOUNTIE to take a little vacation. A vacation to St. Louis, MO. ORTON looks suspiciously at SHERRI who looks to the camera and tell the producer to roll a special video shot just this afternoon.

The video clicks on and we see THE MOUNTIE standing on a residential street. He says that he’s in St. Louis and asks if the house behind him looks familiar to ORTON. He goes to the front door and rings the bell. A older gentleman answer and THE MOUNTIE asks if the man is ORTON’S father BOB ORTON SR. The man nods affirmatively and THE MOUNTIE attacks him viciously. The man is on the ground and THE MOUTIE gets out his shock stick and begins repeatedly shocking the man until he is out cold. THE MOUTIE turns to the camera. He smiles and says the weather is fine in St. Louis and he wishes ORTON was there.

We cut back to the studio and SHERRI is laughing and ORTON is furious! ORTON runs off set! SHERRI is laughing louder. APTER ponders if after this attack ORTON will be able to focus on the championship match at LAST NIGHT as we…