Live from Golden State Wrestling Studios, Burbank, CA!

Koko B. Ware d. Mister X via pinfall after the GHOSTBUSTER. – SQUASH – Short and sweet here and a nice win for Ware who’s been floundering as of late.

MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION d. THE BUSHWHACKERS via submission when Ted DiBiase locked Luke in the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM – ** – Not quite the impressive debut the BUSHWHACKERS had hoped for as Dibiasie and Virgil make short work of the duo from down under.

Missing Link d. Hillbilly Jim via pinfall after a falling headbutt – ** – Decent match between these two but the former champ, Link was able to get the upper hand.

DREAM TEAM d. THE BOLSHEVIKS via DQ when Boris Zhukov whipped Greg Valentine into the guardrails despite the ref’s warning. – ** – THis was a good back and forth match with both teams coming close to winning several times. When the action spilled outside, however, all bets were off.

First out were GSW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – THE ROAD WARRIORS with Paul Ellering. Pretty standard promo here. They did mention they were eager to see who Commissioner Patrick lined up for a title shot next. When asked about newcomers, THE BUSHWHACKERS all three men laughed and asked if they’d seen their match earlier in the evening.

Next out was GSW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION – “Ravishing” Rick Rude along with Bobby “The Brian” Heenan. Apter wanted to ask Heenan about tonight’s main event, but Rude would have none of it. He said he was the champ and he is the end all be all story here in GSW. Like THE ROAD WARRIORS he said he was looking forward to finding out who his next opponent will be. Apter asked if he was worried it’d be Andre The Giant. Rude said no because Andre is a rookie and hasn’t “proven himself yet.” This drew a rousing chorus of boos from the crowd, but Rude shrugged them off and left.

Heenan turned to follow Rude and Apter reminded he needed to stay out here for tonight’s main event. Heenan tried his best to leave, but he met Andre The Giant on his way out! Heenan ran back into the interview area and as Andre advanced, he dashed into the small cage set up at ringside. Once inside, he slammed the door shut and screamed for it to be raised. Andre laughed and just then he was attacked from behind by Mr. Perfect! The two battled towards the ring and Perfect dashed inside. As Andre climbed in, the bell rang and we were ready for our MAIN EVENT!

Andre The Giant d. Mr. Perfect by pinfall after a brutal BIG SPLASH! – *1/2 – This one was short and sweet! Even though Perfect had the upper hand at the start, Andre soon regained the advantage and it was over in minutes! After the match, Andre signaled for the cage to be lowered and Heenan begged for them not to lower it. Heenan realized the keys were still in the lock and he got them loose and threw them down to Mr. Perfect who was just getting to his feet. Perfect ran off. Andre looked flummoxed as the cage hit the bottom and Heenan shouted there’d be no way he could get his hands on him. Andre looked down at the lock, smiled and RIPPED it right off. He flung wide the cage door and grabbed a petrified Heenan! He drug him to the ring and to the delight of the studio audience, gave him a huge BIG SPLASH!

The crowd went nuts and Andre waved to them all as we…

Goodnight fans!