Live from GSW Studios in Burbank, CA!

The crowd is jam packed in the studio for the evening’s action and everyone is anticipating the announcement of the #1 contenders for IDES OF MARCH! But first, to the action!

George “The Animal” Steele d. The Mountie via pinfall after a cross body block – **** – A great match! Steele kept the Mountie off base the entire match! A surprisingly technical affair from The Animal who wound up winning with a pretty nimble cross body block from the second rope! After the match, Steele tore open a turnbuckle and began rubbing the stuffing from inside in The Mountie’s face! Sherri was screaming at ringside and Virgil answered the call and ran down and made the save. Virgil knocked Albano into a ring post then dove into the ring to help The Mountie. The two then delivered a hard hitting double slingshot to Steele, leaving him lying motionless in the ring. After they left, Albano came to and signaled for a stretcher. It looks like Steele has been injured.

King Kong Bundy d. One Man Gang via pinfall after the AVALANCHE and a five count. – ***1/2 – An amazing battle between these two huge men! It was either man’s match at any point, but Bundy was able to pull out the win. Gang showed some impressive aerial skill during the encounter going to the top rope several times!

Iron Sheik and S.D. Jones battled to a Double DQ. – ** – S.D. Jones showed a rare side of himself in that he was besting former WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Iron Sheik for a good portion of the match. This lit a fire under the Sheik and when the action spilled outside the ring, all adherence to the rules was lost. The ref soon called for the bell and it took several security personnel members to break these two apart.

Before the next match, Magnificent Muraco came out. He said he got nowhere under the tutelage of Sir Oliver Humperdink, so he went far and wide looking for a manager as devious as he is and in the far East, he found one! He then introduced his new manager, Mr. Fuji! Fuji made everyone well aware that the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP was their goal.

Magnificent Muraco d. King Harley Race via DQ when Race whipped Muraco into a guardrail – DUD – Race was determined to shoot Muraco’s dreams of gold down and this was a brawl from the start! The action spilled out of the ring and Race was DQ’d shortly after. The Brawl continued and Fuji tried to end it by hurling salt toward Race! Race ducked however and the salt landed squarely in the face of Bobby Heenan! Heenan screamed in pain as he rolled on the floor and this finally broke up the brawl as Race tended to him! Both men shouted at each other as this was far from over!

KILLER BEES d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS via DQ when Stan Lane refused to stop brawling – * – This was a fast and furious match that saw the KILLER BEES successfully hit MASKED CONFUSION and get a near fall! Cornette was LIVID as was the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. This was when the rule book was thrown out the window and all hell broke loose! The match wound up in a DQ win for the BEES. Cornette and the EXPRESS were even more furious after the bell. Cornette argued with the ref that if the BEES got to break the rules using those masks, then the EXPRESS should be able to break the rules too. Their arguments fell on deaf ears and the decision still went to the BEES.

First out on the Hot Seat were the new Tag Team of THE BUSHWHACKERS! These two were out of control and it was difficult for Apter to get a straight interview from them. What we did learn was that their names are Luke and Butch and they were here for one reason, to win the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

Suddenly they were interrupted by the MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION along with Sensational Sherri. DiBiase asked Apter why he’d bother talking to these two morons when they’d beaten them soundly last week. Apter said the fans demanded more information about this unpredictable new duo. DiBiase said, the fans don’t know anything and Apter owed it to the world to talk to a real tag team! Suddenly THE BUSHWHACKERS attacked the MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION and a wild brawl erupted! Security was able to settle things down but THE BUSHWHACKERS demanded a NO DQ/COUNTOUT match against DiBiase and Virgil next show! The MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION agreed and we have our next main event!

After the set was cleared, COMMISSIONER PATRICK came out to make two very important announcements! First he announced that the #1 Contenders for the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS, getting their title shot at IDES OF MARCH, are none other than THE KILLER BEES! This brought a big cheer from the crowd. Even though current champs, THE ROAD WARRIORS, are popular, fans are excited to see what promises to be a fast paced, hard hitting title match.

Then COMMISSIONER PATRICK announced that the #1 Contender to “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP at IDES OF MARCH is JIMMY “SUPERFLY” SNUKA! The crowd was pumped and SNUKA came out for a brief interview. He said that getting a title shot is a huge honor. Apter added that it was a testament to his dedication to the sport. Snuka promised Apter and the crowd that it was one he wouldn’t take lightly and at the conclusion of IDES OF MARCH, there would be a new WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION that the GSW could be proud of!

SNUKA waved to the fans as we…

Goodnight fans!