Live from GSW Studios in Burbank, CA!

The tiny Burbank studios are packed to the rafters as the fans are set for another pulse pounding night of action!

The Mountie d. Missing Link via DQ when Captain Lou Albano interfered in the match – * – The Mountie and Sensational Sherri gladly took the win and got out of the way of the rampaging Missing Link.

THE DREAM TEAM d. THE BOLSHEVIKS via pinfall when Brutus Beefcake hit Nikolai Volkoff with a running knee stomp – * – A quick match that saw Valentine and Beefcake in control the entire time. This win moves THE DREAM TEAM up the rankings for sure.

Cowboy Bob Orton d. Mister X via pinfall with the SUPERPLEX – *1/2 – Some offense by Mister X in the beginning, but soon Orton took over and as soon as he hit the SUPERPLEX, it was over.

King Harley Race and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan d. Magnificent Muraco and Mr. Fuji via pinfall when Race hit Muraco with a swinging neckbreaker – **1/2 – A great featured attraction as Heenan and the newly arrived Fuji don the tights and step between the ropes. Both Race and Muraco were eager to get their hands on each other’s managers! In the end Race was able to pick up the win for him and Heenan!

GUEST #1 – IRON SHEIK – Sheik came out and after running down the U.S.A. he issued a challenge of S.D. Jones at IDES OF MARCH. But this time he wants Jones in a NO DQ/NO COUNTOUT match. This is all stemming from the Double DQ the two battled to last time on Monday Night Mayhem. Will be interesting to see if Jones accepts.

GUEST #2 – THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS w/ JIM CORNETTE – Eaton and Lane came out with the always riled up. They were crying foul that the KILLER BEES were getting a title shot at IDES OF MARCH. This brought out the BEES and a huge brawl errupted. It ended when security broke it up, but not before CORNETTE had taken several whacks on BRUNZELL’S arm which he was cradling as he was helped out.

THE BUSHWHACKERS d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via pinfall when Luke covered the Million Dollar Man after a sneaky double team – ***** – This was a heck of a match! The action was all over the studio! Sherri got involved! Even The Mountie interfered at one point! But this match seemed to be perfectly suited to THE BUSHWHACKERS and the took every advantage and picked up the win! DiBiase and Virgil were FURIOUS after the final bell and were arguing with the ref as we…