Live from the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA!

Cowboy Bob Orton d. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via pinfall after an atomic kneedrop. – SQUASH – Orton gets a quick win over Duggan here much like Duggan did on Monday Night Mayhem.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. King Harley Race via countout when Race couldn’t answer the ten count after Snuka threw him out of the ring and then hit him with a SUPERFLY SMASH on the arena floor. – ***1/2 – An impressive finish to the match, but still not a decisive victory. This does put the partnership of Snuka and the Hillbillies up one against Heenan’s men!

Magnificent Muraco and Mr. Fuji came out next. Muraco grabbed the mic and demanded that whomever this person was that attacked him get out here and face him man to man. For several minutes nothing happened, but then, from the crowd, came the man in the hood whom the announcers just began calling Unknown.

Unknown d. Magnificent Muraco via DQ when Mr. Fuji whacked Unknown with his cane. – ** – Unknown, whomever he is, put up a great fight against Muraco. No one could get a sense of who he was though some say there was something familiar about him.

Mr. Perfect d. Hillbilly Jim via countout after Perfect delivered a PERFECT PLEX on the the arena floor and Jim couldn’t get back into the ring. – **1/2 – After the bell Perfect delivered two more PERFECT PLEXES on the floor. He was about to deliver a third when the refs broke it up. Hillbilly Jim was taken out on a stretcher, obviously injured. Perfect was yelling at him saying now they were even for him injuring Bundy!

George “The Animal” Steele d. The Mountie by escaping the cage after slamming The Mountie’s head painfully into the bars of the cage. – ** – The Mountie offered no offense in this match. It was all The Animal!

After the match, Steele climbed back into the ring and locked the door and went after The Mountie again! Ted DiBiase, Virgil and Sensational Sherri all ran out to try and stop The Animal but the Missing Link came out and chased them off! Steele began tearing off the top turnbuckles and eating them, but then ramming The Mountie’s head into them once exposed! Finally officials were able to get the key for the padlock on the door and get into the cage. Albano was able to calm Steele down, but The Mountie was a bloody heap. The Mountie was taken off on a stretcher, barely able to move.

Both a Russian Flag and a New Zealand flag were hung above the ring and several ladders placed around the ring area. The first team to get the flags would win and were free to do whatever they’d like to the opposing team’s flag.

THE BOLSHEVIKS d. THE BUSHWHACKERS when Nikolai Volkoff was able to snag the flags (pinfall) after delivering a BACKBREAKER DROP to Bushwhacker Butch. – ***1/2 – After THE BOLSHEVIKS got the New Zealand flag they tore it up, eliciting boos from the crowd. They then began to sing the Russian National Anthem which got the crowd even crazier!

Andre the Giant d. One Man Gang via pinfall after he hit the BIG SPLASH. – ****1/2 – This one was all over the arena. Gang hit Andre with chairs, pipes, you name it, but nothing seemed to phase Andre who just kept tearing after One Man Gang. Gang found himself bloodied after the match, while Andre seemed not troubled at the least by what he’d been through. Andre truly is the Giant of Golden State Wrestling!

It was announced that, due to injuries, Paul Ellering would not be here to lead THE ROAD WARRIORS into battle.

THE ROAD WARRIORS and MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION battled to a DOUBLE DQ. – **1/4 – Good while it lasted but it quickly devolved into a brawlfest! The ref had no choice but to call it when the action spilled outside and he couldn’t get any wrestler to listen to him. Chairs! Tables! You name it, it was used!

“Ravishing” Rick Rude d. Iron Sheik by DQ when the Sheik refused to stop brawling. – ***1/2 – The Iron Sheik dominated this match! He had Rude close to pinned several times! At the end, Heenan distracted the ref and Sheik would have no more of it! He chased after Heenan and Rude followed resulting in a brawl outside the ring floor! Sheik walloped Rude with a chair despite the ref’s warnings and the match was called.

The fans actually started booing loudly after the bell. Neither Rude nor Sheik is a fan favorite, but they were disappointed at a DQ ending to, what should be, the biggest match of the year!

Goodnight, fans!


  1. Keith Simmons on October 16, 2020 at 11:42 pm

    The opening video looked great.The music was also spot on.I sense some no DQ matches upcoming.

    • The Commissioner on October 18, 2020 at 7:32 pm

      Thanks for checking it out! You sense right! 🙂