Live from GSW Studios, Burbank, CA!

Jam packed studio is loud and anxious for our last night of action before STARRCADE! And they start off with a big thunderous boo for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION The Iron Sheik! Sheik comes to the ring and says he’ll now show Rick Rude what he’s up against at STARRCADE in their Finisher Match.

Iron Sheik d. Mister X via submission with the CAMEL CLUTCH. – SQUASH – Mister X didn’t stand a chance against the onslaught of the Iron Sheik. After the match he paraded around berating the fans!

After the commercial break, Commissioner Patrick announced that tonight in the Main Event, THE BOLSHEVIKS would take on THE DREAM TEAM to determine the #1 contenders for the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!

THE KILLER BEES d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via pinfall when B. Brian Blair covered Ted DiBiase after the BEE STING. – *1/2 – Blair and Brunzell did a pretty great job of keeping DiBiase and Virgil on defense the whole time. During the match, Sensational Sherri was ejected when the ref tired of her interfering in the match.

After the match, Blair and Brunzell celebrated in the ring with their manager Captain Lou Albano. The celebration took a serious turn when the KILLER BEES both expressed their concern at the behavior of The Missing Link. Brunzell said as much as they’d hate the thought, if Albano didn’t reign him in soon, they’d have to look for other management. Albano shook his head and said he understood.

Jimmy Snuka came to ringside with Cousin Luke for the next match.

Cousin Luke d. King Kong Bundy via DQ when Bundy slammed Luke into the guardrails. – ** – The bad blood between The Heenan Family and the Hillbillies and Snuka continues! Luke got in some good offense against Bundy but the action soon tumbled out of the ring and Bundy refused to bring it back in. Security had to come out to break it up when Snuka got involved. After the two were separated, Snuka remained in the ring for our next match. Cousin Luke was allowed to return if he promised not to get involved.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. King Harley Race via DQ after Bobby Heenan was caught interfering on behalf of Race. – **1/2 – The action got hot and heavy afterwards and after the bell range another brawl broke out.

Cousin Luke got on the mic after and challenged Heenan’s men to a 3 man Gauntlet match at STARRCADE. Heenan laughed and said that the team of Race, Bundy and Mr. Perfect couldn’t be beat! Especially not by Luke and Snuka and whomever they got to be their third. Luke and Snuka just smiled and nodded. With Hillbilly Jim still injured, many wondered who their third man would be.

Cowboy Bob Orton d. Koko B. Ware via pinfall after an atomic kneedrop. – **1/2 – Great match between these two. At one point the ref was knocked out, but the match continued in a pretty fair manner until a new ref made his way out.

First out was the Unknown, hooded wrestler who injured Magnificent Muraco a few weeks ago. Apter asked him several questions but Unknown would only nod. He gave no clues as to who he was. Whenever the questioning came around to Muraco he got heated. Suddenly Mr. Fuji arrived and said no thanks to Unknown, Muraco wasn’t there, but he’ll be fine for STARRCADE and Fuji was there to challenge Unknown to a steel cage match. Unknown agreed. The crowd went nuts and then Unknown turned to the camera. He made a thumbs down gesture and then made a motion as if he was taking off his hood. Apter asked for clarification if that meant if he lost he’d remove his hood. Unknown nodded then held up a hand. He made a thumbs up gesture and then made a motion as if he was taking off his hood. Apter, astonished, asked if that meant if he won he’d also remove his hood. Unknown nodded! Looks like at STARRCADE we will find out who Unknown is!

After a commercial break, Apter welcomed WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE ROAD WARRIORS and Paul Ellering to the Hot Seat. Apter asked what Hawk and Animal thought about either THE DREAM TEAM or THE BOLSHEVIKS getting a tag team shot at STARRCADE. Hawk and Animal looked serious for a moment. They looked at Ellering. Then all three men turned towards the camera and began laughing. Without saying a word they continued laughing as they left the Hot Seat set! Next up, our Main Event!

THE BOLSHEVIKS d. THE DREAM TEAM via DQ when Brutus Beefcake refuses to stop brawling. – ** – During the match, Iron Sheik ran to ringside and interfered on behalf of Volkoff and Zhukov! After the bell, Johnny V. said that a number one contender couldn’t be decided by DQ but the ref refused to listen so it looks like THE BOLSHEVIKS will be heading to STARRCADE to face THE ROAD WARRIORS for the belt!

Volkoff, Zhukov and Iron Sheik celebrated in the ring as the credits roll!

Goodnight, fans!


  1. Mark on April 9, 2011 at 2:50 am

    Clearly the “Unknown” is Demolition Ax and your fed is experiencing a multi-dimensional bleed through from my Wrestling Superstars: LJN fed on the filsinger games board. Mystery solved!