Live from Golden State Wrestling Studios, Burbank, CA!

The show starts with action in the ring as THE OUTLAWS are beating down Mister X and George South. The ref is finally able to restore some order and it’ll be Blackjack Mulligan and Sam Houston teaming up for this opening match.

THE OUTLAWS (Blackjack Mulligan & Sam Houston) d. Mister X & George South via submission when Mulligan locked Mister X in the BLACKJACK CLAW – SQUASH
– THE OUTLAWS again dominate their opponents. We’ve yet to see Windham in action but if he’s as dominating as Mulligan and Houston, THE OUTLAWS will be a force to reckon with in GOLDEN STATE WRESTLING.

Judy Martin d. Rockin’ Robin via pin after a POWER BOMB – **
– Great back and forth. Robin was a bit distracted by Jimmy Hart’s constant yammering in the corner on his megaphone, but it seems that is the point.

HART: With Judy Martin and Leilani Kai in the Hart Family, baby, we’re gonna take over the Women’s Division here in Golden State Wrestling!

The Spoiler d. Kenny Jay via submission with the BIONIC CLAW – SQUASH
– Dominant match for The Spoiler who wasted no time in finishing off his opponent. New interviewer, Gordon Solie, called The Spoiler over for an interview and asked him about George “The Animal” Steele.

THE SPOILER: What about him? I put that mutt to sleep in that Dog Collar Match. I’m done with him.

SOLIE: You feel that was a dominant victory?

THE SPOILER: Solid. You’re new around here four eyes so I’ll cut you some slack. Every victory of mine is a dominant victory!

SOLIE: Well, I feel that Steele is–

The Spoiler has had enough and grabs Solie’s lapels and begins threatening him! After a few freighting moments, George “The Animal” Steele runs out with Captain Lou and shoves The Spoiler off of Gordon Solie! The two start brawling around the ring! Security personnel rush out to separate the two.

After the ring area is clear, Leaping Land Poffo is out for our next match.

“So we meet again!
Jim Milliman, my friend.
And I hope this time is the last.
You’ve beaten me twice
Which for you is nice
But for me, I just can’t get past.

But let’s be clear
There’s nothing to fear.
Jim, I truly mean you no harm.
But a win is a must
And I’m gonna win, I trust
Because the third time is the charm!”

Leaping Lanny Poffo d. Jim Milliman via pinfall after a dropkick – **
– Lanny Poffo finally get his win over Milliman who has frustrated him for weeks! The fans boo Poffo loudly, probably because they wouldn’t get to hear one of Milliman’s now legendary poems. Poffo seems satisfied and goes to leave, but turns and goes back over to help Milliman to his feet and the two shake hands.

A video package showing the feud between Mr. Perfect and Jimmy Snuka is shown, starting during the HEENAN FAMILY/HILLBILLIES & FRIENDS feud last year and carrying over to the battle royal at LAST NIGHT. These two men meet each other, one-on-one, next.

Mr. Perfect d. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka pinfall after rolling though a cross body block and grabbing an handful of tights – ****
– Super fun match with a lot of near falls but it is evident that there is a lot of acrimony between these two. After the bell, Snuka and Perfect brawled all the way back to the dressing room.


PIPER: I’ve been waiting to talk to you two fine and dandies! All the way from the England. Are you enjoying your time in the States so far?


PIPER (whisking the mic away): You know, all the wrestling magazines are really crowing about you two. Saying you’re the next big thing in tag team wrestling. Do you agree with this assessment?

DAVEY BOY SMITH: As a team there–

PIPER (whisking the mic away): Now I gotta ask…

THE BULLDOGS are both incredibly annoyed with Piper not letting them answer.

PIPER: …you’ve aligned yourself with this fat slob Captain Lou Albano. I mean–

THE BRITISH BULLDOGS have had enough and begin to attack Piper! Cowboy Bob Orton joins the fray and the four men brawl wildly to the cheers of the crowd! The brawl continues as we cut to commercial.


Golden State Wrestlings would like to send out a special Happy Anniversary message to Jim and Donnie DeVore in Klamath Falls, Oregon, celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary this week! GSW loves celebrating wedding anniversaries so if you’l like special recognition, send information to Golden State Wrestling, c/o Saturday Morning Media, PO Box 2764 Toluca Lake, CA 91610. Fans, that’s also where you can write to your favorite wrestler! Golden State Wrestling, c/o Saturday Morning Media, PO Box 2764 Toluca Lake, CA 91610! And now back to the show!

Before the main event it’s announced that next week’s Main Event will be The Spoiler versus George “The Animal” Steele. Also, THE BRITISH BULLDOGS will face Rowdy Roddy Piper and Cowboy Bob Orton in a tag team special attraction.

Andre the Giant & THE POWERS OF PAIN d. The Iron Sheik & THE BOLSHEVIKS via DQ when Boris Zhukov ignores the ref and refuses to bring the fight back into the ring while brawling with Andre – *
– It’s no big surprise that the bad blood between these six men devolved into a brawl! The fans were on their feet as the men brawled and even Fuji and Blassie started brawling! Security personnel rushed the studio and began trying to restore order as the credits started to roll!

Goodnight, fans!


  1. Ken West on January 10, 2021 at 3:38 pm

    Another top notch card Grant. Cant wait for the Bulldogs vs Piper & Orton! Steele and Spoiler might need extra security!!!

    • The Commissioner on January 10, 2021 at 6:24 pm

      Thanks for reading Ken. You know, I was going to move on from Steele/SPoiler because Spoiler did beat him at LAST NIGHT but I think there’s some more fun to be had between these two.