Live from Golden State Wrestling Studios, Burbank, CA!

King Harley Race d. S.D. Jones via pinfall after a backbreaker – *
– Harley Race makes short work of Jones and then Race and Heenan force Jones to ‘bow to the king.’ The crowd jeers this loudly.

THE QUEBECERS d. Mister X & George South via pinfall when Pierre Carl Oullett covered Mister X after TOWER OF QUEBEC – *
– Solid performance by the undefeated QUEBECERS.

JIMMY HART: Let me tell you something baby, you’re looking at the greatest thing to happen to tag team wrestling in Golden State Wrestling in a long time!

JAQUES ROUGEAU: We’re here not only to dominate the tag teams in GSW, we’re here to dominate America!

PIERRE CARL OULLETT: Il n’y a pas une équipe vivante qui puisse nous battre! Les titres seront bientôt ous!

One Man Gang d. Cousin Luke via pinfall after a scoop body slam – SQUASH
– Dominant win for the One Man Gang here. Sir Oliver Humperdink is pleased.

Koko B. Ware d. Sodbuster Kenny Jay via pinfall after a BRAINBUSTER – **
– Kenny Jay gave Koko B. Ware some trouble in this match and even had him in a near fall, but Ware was able to put him away.

KOKO B. WARE: I know we’re starting a new year here and all but I have some leftover business from last year. Mainly, my partner Jimmy Snuka and I being attacked before the CALIFORNIA CUP! I got the CCTV tapes from the attack and the attackers were wearing masks, but there was a third man in the shadows. I’m gonna find out the mastermind and when I do you’re gonna pay!

A clip is shown of Gordon Solie’s interview with Adrian Adonis from card #094 that sparked our next match. Jimmy Hart leads Adonis to the ring and the fans are on their feet as favorite Hacksaw Jim Duggan charges the ring with the flag and 2×4!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan d. Adrian Adonis via pinfall with the FLYING SPEAR – *
– The crowd goes nuts as Duggan get the win. He frustrated Adonis at every single turn.

ADONIS: This ins’t over by a long shot Duggan! This is just the first step in our journey and when the journey is done, I’ll have walked all over you!

DUGGAN: Anytime, anywhere TOUGH GUY!

Adonis storms off with Jimmy Hart behind him. The fans are going nuts!

with guest Captain Lou Albano

Albano came out a ball of fire telling Piper that everybody saw Piper and Orton cheat during their match with the BULLDOGS and what Dynamite Kid did was an accident and they deserve a rematch!

PIPER: Those mutts of yours don’t deserve a damn thing! They are cheaters, attacking a poor defenseless ref during a match, they are the shame of Golden State Wrestling

ALBANO: Piper, you know you’re the biggest–


ALBANO: Listen you skirt wearing simpleton, the BULLDOGS–


Albano hauls off and clobbers Piper! Orton jumps Albano and soon Piper joins in! The fans are screaming but the screams turn to cheers as THE BRITISH BULLDOGS run out to save Albano! All four men are brawling now! Wrestlers from the back un out to pull the four men apart!


Another commercial is shown for the upcoming fundraiser supporting Burlingame High School in Burlingame California. Commissioner Patrick announces the first match signed for the event, Koko B. Ware versus the One Man Gang! None of the matches will be televised! The only way to see them is to see it live! Plus, Commissioner Patrick teases a huge announcement that is going to send shockwaves through the wrestling world! Get your tickets to this one of a kind fundraiser coming up soon!

Hillbilly Jim d. Tully Blanchard via DQ when the Heenan Family stormed the ring to attack Hillbilly Jim – ****
– Hillbilly was running circles around Blanchard frustrating both Blanchard and Heenan at ringside! Hillbilly Jim locked Blanchard in the BEAR HUG and Heenan signaled to the back! Mr. Perfect and King Kong Bundy rushed into the ring and began beating on Hillbilly Jim and the ref called for the bell!

Moments later, Jimmy Snuka and Cousin Luke stormed the ring and all six men began brawling as the credits started to roll!

Goodnight, fans!