Live from The Grand Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA!

The Grand Olympic is packed to the rafters for STARRCADE! Tickets have been sold out for weeks as fans from across the globe have flown in to the City of Angels for today’s event.

Magnificent Muraco is out with Mr. Fuji, they barely make it to the ring before Koko B. Ware (without Frankie tonight) tackles Muraco and the bell sounds for our first match!

Magnificent Muraco d. Koko B. Ware via pinfall after over the shoulder backbreaker – ****
– Muraco dominated, hitting Ware with back to back HAWAIIAN HAMMERS and then putting him away with the over the shoulder backbreaker.

After the bell, Muraco grabbed Fuji’s cane and repeatedly smashed Ware in the ribs until a few wrestlers form the back ran out to chase Muraco off. Ware had to be taken from ringside on a stretcher.

Tully Blanchard d. Hillbilly Jim via pinfall after a SLINGSHOT SUPLEX – ****
– Blanchard repeatedly used a foreign object during the match and by the end, Hillbilly Jim was busted open!

After the bell, Hillbilly Jim was non responsive, apparently from losing a lot of blood. He was taken out on a stretcher as well! The fans let Blanchard have it.

BOBBY HEENAN: Golden State Wrestling has been put on notice. Now you humanoids have seen what this man is capable of. And the same thing will happen to anyone that gets in Tully Blanchard’s way!

Adrian Adonis d. Hacksaw Jim Duggan via submission with GOODNIGHT IRENE – ****
– Adrian Adonis is celebratory after the match and Jimmy Hart hands him the announcer’s mic.

ADRIAN ADONIS: And another one bites the dust! I beat this tough guy just like I’m gonna beat everybody in Golden State Wrestling and I promise you, you’re looking at the first GSW TELEVISION CHAMPION!

The fans are not buying it! Jimmy Hart is cackling like a maniac.

THE QUEBECERS d. THE KILLER BEES via pinfall when Jaques Rougeau covered Jim Brunzell after TOWER OF QUEBEC – SQUASH
– THE QUEBECERS steamroll THE KILLER BEES and waste no time in picking up a big win.

JIMMY HART: Undefeated baby! THE QUEBECERS are undefeated! We’re going to get that gold!


PIERRE CARL OULETTE: Il n’y a pas d’autre √©quipe comme nous! Nous sommes les plus grands lutteurs aujourd’hui!

Randy “Macho Man” Savage d. The Spoiler via pinfall after a vaulting neck snap with the chain – ***
– Savage beats The Spoiler at his own match, putting a nail in the coffin of their feud! The fans are starting to really get behind Savage who is currently undefeated.

Sensational Sherri d. Fabulous Moolah via pinfall after a TOP ROPE SPLASH – **
– Sherri gets a huge cheer from the crowd as she shuts Moolah down in a dominating fashion!

SENSATIONAL SHERRI: Just as I thought, Moolah! All talk, no action!

The crowd agrees!

BRITISH BULLDOGS d. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS via pinfall when Davey Boy Smith coversStan Lane after a fisherman’s suplex – *
– The fans are going nuts! THE BRITISH BULLDOGS decimated THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS! Lane and Eaton got in no offense at all as Smith and Dynamite Kid used quick tags to keep them off their feet! What a showing! Cornette is not pleased at all and looks like he’s about to blow a gasket!

King Kong Bundy makes his way ringside with Bobby “The Brian” Heenan! Bundy’s opponent, One Man Gang, arrives with Sir Oliver Humperdink! This is the Bodyslam Challenge! Rules are simple, it’s regular match but pinfalls don’t count. The first wrestler to completely bodyslam the other wins the match!

One Man Gang d. King Kong Bundy with a scoop body slam – *
– Bundy had One Man Gang up a few times but couldn’t get him over. One Man Gang hit a scoop slam out of nowhere to win the match! Heenan was furious! His claims of Bundy being the best big man in GSW are now dashed.

THE OUTLAWS and BUSHWHACKERS actually brawled to the ring!! It’ll be Barry Windham and Sam Houston representing THE OUTLAWS! Blackjack Mulligan stalks the four men as they brawl to the ring. They finally make it into the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

THE OUTLAWS (Windham & Houston) d. THE BUSHWHACKERS via Pinfall when Barry Windham covered Bushwhacker Luke after a brutal LARIAT – **
– The action was all over the place during this one! To his credit, Blackjack Mulligan did not get involved! Chairs, announce tables, ring posts, it was all used in this one. THE OUTLAWS come out on top and maintain the best tag team record of the year so far.

The fans are on their feet as Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka heads to the ring! Mr. Perfect is out next with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. The is it! This is the start of the BEST OF SEVEN SERIES that will determine which of these two men will be banned from GSW forever!

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka d. Mr. Perfect via pinfall after the SUPERFLY LEAP – **
– Snuka stated the match a ball of fire and didn’t let up. Perfect was thrown totally off his game! Snuka gets first blood in the series and is up 1 to Nothing! The fans are loving it. Heenan is looking worried at ringside that Perfect is down one in the series.

THE POWERS OF PAIN d. THE BOLSHEVIKS when Barbarian escapes after hitting Nikolai Volkoff with a cross body block from the top rope – *
– WHAT A MATCH! Is it too early to have a Match Of The Year candidate?! POWERS OF PAIN were cruel in this match! At one point Zhukov was screaming for Blassie to open the cage and let him out! Tag teams will think twice about getting in the ring with Warlord and Barbarian, let alone ever getting in a cage with them! THE POWERS OF PAIN are NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Andre the Giant d. The Iron Sheik via DQ when Sheik smashes Andre with Blassie’s cane outside the ring – *
– Up to the point of the disqualification, this was a hell of a match! Andre dominated for most of it but The Iron Sheik actually came close to winning twice! The action tumbled out of the ring and the Champ used a cheap shot with Blassie’s cane and the ref called it. The fans hated the finish but it will stand. The Iron Sheik loses but is still the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

The Iron Sheik and Blassie high tail it from ringside, being pelted with trash the whole way. Andre the Giant, bloody, watches them run off, shaking his head. The credits roll.

Goodnight, fans!

Koko B. Ware will be out for 5 cards.
Hillbilly Jim will be out for 5 cards.


  1. Ken West on January 27, 2021 at 6:30 pm

    FIrst off I’ve always loved that Starrcade theme from Starrcade 86! The action on this card was on fire! Koko and Jim didnt have a good night but the Powers Of Pain and the Bulldogs have a great showing! Glad the Macho Man got his victory as well. Awesome card Grant!

    • The Commissioner on January 28, 2021 at 9:27 am

      Thanks Ken! Appreciate you reading. I’m having so much fun with Legends and this card was great to play out. Excited to see where Macho Man goes from here. Debating entering him into the TV Title Tournament or not because I know he’ll dominate. Also I love The Spoiler card so I was a little bummed to see him lose so quickly. Thanks again!