Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

Hillbilly Jim d. Mister X via pinfall after a running lariat – **
– Hillbilly Jim picks up a solid win here.

After the match, Gordon Solie asks Hillbilly Jim where his focus is now. Jim is about to answer when Tully Blanchard rushes from backstage and clobbers him from behind! Blanchard delivers repeated kicks to the back of the neck while Hillbilly Jim is flat on the arena floor! Several wrestlers rush out to chase Blanchard off. Hillbilly Jim needs medical attention and is wheeled out on a stretcher.

Sensational Sherri d. Judy Martin via pinfall after the TOP ROPE SPLASH – **
– Sherri overcomes interference by Jimmy Hart and Leilani Kai to once again show her superiority in the ring.

SENSATIONAL SHERRI: Things aren’t finished between Moolah and I, but I will be the one to finish them.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage d. Cousin Luke via pinfall after a FLYING ELBOX DROP – SQUASH
– Another incredible performance by fan favorite Randy Savage who is still undefeated in Golden State Wrestling. Jimmy Hart watched this match from ringside.

THE OUTLAWS (Sam Houston & Barry Windham) d. THE BOLSHEVIKS after Houston and Windham performed a face first double suplex on Zhukov – **
– THE OUTLAWS run roughshod over the former champs. They are primed for a title shot.

S.D. Jones came strutting to the ring, and swiped the mic from Gordon Solie.

S.D. JONES: I demand your respect!

The fans obviously feel different.

S.D. JONES: I DEMAND YOUR RESPECT! And when I take out The King, you will all serve a new king.

The fans, again, disagree.

King Harley Race makes his way to ringside with Bobby Heenan and neither look happy. Race loses his crown and cape and charges the ring!

S.D. Jones and King Harley Race brawl to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – DUD
– The ref simply could not control these two and the action soon spilled out of the rind and chairs got involved. The ref called it. These two brawled all the way back to the dressing room.

Gordon Solie Interview
GUEST: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Favorite “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan tells Gordon Solie that he is disappointed he was knocked out of the TELEVISION TITLE TOURNAMENT but vows that when the champion is crowned, he will be going for it!

Duggan’s interview was then interrupted by the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Virgil who is carrying a briefcase.

DIBIASE: Duggan you proclaim to be a ‘tough guy’ and I’ve seen you wrestle. You are. Recently the Million Dollar Corporation lost our enforcer in The Mountie and we’re looking for someone to fill the position. It comes with a very generous benefits package.

Virgil opened the suitcase to reveal stack upon stack of $100 bills. The crowd implored Duggan to refuse. Duggan pondered for a few minutes.

DUGGAN: Mister DiBiase…will you give me a couple of days to think about it?

DIBIASE: I am a man who is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. But in this case I’ll make an exception.

DiBiase snaps his fingers and Virgil snaps the briefcase closed and locks it. He sets in on the interview desk in front of Duggan and the two men leave. Duggan looks at the case, picks it up and leaves the interview area without a further word.

The Spoiler d. Terry Gordon via DQ when Gordy smashed The Spoiler with a chair – **
– Gordy loses his shot at the title in a fit of anger. The Spoiler will advance. Gordy is frustrated and kicks some chairs at ringside as Humperdink tries to calm him down. The Spoiler stands on the second rope with his arms raised in victory. The crowd is not amused. Jimmy Hart, who snuck out to ringside during the match makes some notations in a small notebook as the credits start to roll.

Goodnight, fans.