CWFH 10 – Coastline Clash

CWFH 10 – Coastline Clash from Oceanview Pavillion, Oxnard,CA.

THE TRIBE beat RockNES Monsters when Hawaiian Lion covered Johnny Goodtime after RESERVATION DEVASTATION. These two teams tore into each other and there was some great back and forth but the more experienced Tribe caught Johnny Goodtime in their corner and wore him down eventually leading to the win. 2

– 2 out of 3 Fall Match –
COLT CABANA beat Scorpio Sky two falls to one.
Fans were expecting a much more even match, but this one was all Cabana. He hit a couple of back to back COLT .45’s during the first fall that seemed to effect Sky for the rest of the match. Solid win by Cabana. The two shook hands again after the bell. Still one of the best wrestled matches we’ve seen in Championship Wrestling form Hollywood. 5


  1. Colt Cabana defeated Scorpio Sky with the Chicago Crab.
  2. Colt Cabana defeated Scorpio Sky after COLT .45.

– Grudge Match –
NATURAL SELECTION crushed PPRay when Shaun Ricker covered Ray Rosas after GRAVY TRAIN. This one was completely one sided. Cage and Ricker just bulldozed Rosas and Avalon. Percy Pringle III cackled wildly at ringside. 2

– Hollywood Heritage Championship Tournament Final – Texas Death Match –
Adam Pearce beat Willie Mack with a hangman neckbreaker to become the inaugural Hollywood Heritage Champion. Hell of a match between these two. The fans were out of their seats the whole time. Mack fought hard but Pearce was able to take him down. 4