GSW 126 – Prime Time Wrestling

GSW 126 – Prime Time Wrestling featuring matches from Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA.

The show opened with Bobby Heenan proclaiming that ‘tonight is the night that King Harley Race assumes his rightful position upon the throne of Golden State Wrestling when he defeats Randy Savage for the Western Heavyweight Championship.’

Monsoon retorted that it would not going to be that simple and threw to word from the Macho Man himself.

In a promo, Randy Savage admitted that Harley Race was not slouch in the ring, but ‘The Maddness’ would not be denied and he would finish the night as Champion.

We then went ringside for our opening bout.

MR. PERFECT had some troubles but was eventually able to beat Johnny Rodz with the PERFECT PLEX. Not sure what it is with Johnny Rodz but he seems to have Perfect’s number.  3

Monsoon asked Heenan why Mr. Perfect seemed to have so much trouble against Johnny Rodz.  Heenan said Perfect was just boosting Rodz’ self esteem by letting him think he’s a better wrestler than he is.

THE MOONDOGS easily handled The Bushwhackers when Moondog Spot covered Bushwhacker Butch after the MOONDOG SPLASH. Many fans were assuming there’d be more of a brawl between these two teams but Referee Dick Woehle kept a tight lid on the action. 2

Next, we cut to a promo from King Harley Race.  Race talks history.  How he is the greatest Western Heavyweight Champion in Golden State Wrestling’s history.  He’s defended the title more than any other champion and he aims to ‘reclaim what is his’ so he can continue to write the legacy that is King Harley Race.

ROWDY RODDY PIPER put Kenny Jay out with the SLEEPER and touched all four corners in a Chain Match. Fans knew that Jay would have an uphill battle in this one but many were surprised that he lasted as long as he did and even touched two of the four corners on his way to a possible victory at one point. In the end, Piper stood tall over a bloody Sodbuster.  3

We came back from commercial to a match between Dynamite Kid and Barry Windham already in progress.  

DYNAMITE KID scored a DQ victory over Barry Windham when Blackjack Mulligan interfered in what was a fantastic match.  A brawl erupted after the bell and all four men had to be separated by security. Fans are eager for the next meeting between Western Tag Champs The Outlaws and The British Bulldogs.  And many fans want to see a rematch between Dynamite Kid and Barry Windham! 4

In the Main Event, KING HARLEY RACE used the PILEDRIVER to layout Randy “Macho Man” Savage and become the new Western Heavyweight Champion.  As referee James Beard awarded Race the title, Bobby Heenan told the crowd to bow to their rightful king.  Not many did.  3