PNW 9 – Portland Wrestling

PNW Card 9 from Klamath County Event Center, Klamath Falls, Oregon!

The masked man from the past few shows reveals himself! Former Golden State Wrestling Champion is here and he’s demanding a match with The Grapper!

The Destroyer used his dreaded FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK to beat The Grappler in a quick match. “I am the best masked man in Wrestling!” ★★

Tom Prichard picked up a DQ win against Dutch Savage when Savage brutally beat him with a chair outside the ring. Savage was out of control during this match and Prichard had to be stretchered out! Savage told Don Coss, “Until I get my title shot, I will wage bloody war across the PNW.” ★★★

Magnum T.A. got a DQ win over Doug Somers when the ref caught Somers with a foreign object. This was the best we’ve seen Somers wrestler but, frustrated he wasn’t able to keep Magnum down, he attempted to cheat.★★

In the Main Event, a Texas Death Match, Steve Regal used the FT. LAUDERDALE LEGLOCK to beat Brickhouse Brown. This No DQ/No Countout match wasn’t as wild as some figured it was going to be. Regal is now demanding his own title shot! ★★


  1. Michael A Bratta on March 25, 2022 at 7:39 pm

    Only a matter of time until Dutch brings his Coal Miner’s Glove out.