PNW 11 – Portland Wrestling

PNW Card 11 from Matthew Knight Arena, Eugene, OR!

In his debut, Don Leo Jonathan crushed Doug Somers after the MORMON SWING. Riding high off of his victory last card, Somers issued an open challenge. It was met by a giant who came through the crowd! What an impressive debut! SQUASH

Tom Prichard was awarded a DQ victory over The Destroyer when the masked man smashed him with a chair. Frustrated he couldn’t put Prichard down, Destroyer resorted to a cheap shot to punish Prichard. At one point, The Grappler interfered on Destroyer’s behalf as well. ★★

The Grappler used his LOADED BOOT to make short work of Magnum T.A. as The Destroyer looked on approvingly. ★

I’m the Main Event, Adrian Adonis picked up a DQ win over Buddy Rose after Rose slammed him on the concrete floor outside the ring. ★