GSW 130 – Last Night

GSW Card 130 Last Night from Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA.

$25,000 20 Man Over The Top Battle Royal
Winner: Boris Zhukov
Order of Eliminations:

Bob Orton by Greg Valentine
Iron Sheik by Hillbilly Jim
The Barbarian and Hacksaw Jim Duggan were eliminated in a DOUBLE ELIMINATION
The Bushwhackers by Hillbilly Jim in a spectacular DOUBLE ELIMINATION
Greg Valentine by Don Muraco
Don Muraco by George Steele
Johnny Rodz by Lanny Poffo
Nacho Barrera by Lanny Poffo
The Spoiler by Boris Zhukov
The Warlord by Ted DiBiase
Lanny Poffo by Boris Zhukov
Ted DiBiase by Nikolai Volkoff
King Kong Bundy by Nikolai Volkoff
Brutus Beefcake by Nikolai Volkoff
George Steele by Nikolai Volkoff
Hillbilly Jim by Nikolai Volkoff
Nikolai Volkoff by Boris Zhukov

Rowdy Roddy Piper beat Mr. Perfect via DQ when Perfect slammed Piper into a table at ringside. These two continued to brawl after the bell and needed to be separated by security. ★★

The Moondogs bested The Killer Bees in an incredible match when Moondog Rex covered B. Brian Blair after a ax-handle off the turnbuckle. ★★★

Tully Blanchard (w/ Bobby Heenan) took little time to completely obliterate Sam Houston in a Hardcore Texas Death Match. It ended after Blanchard hit a SLINGSHOT SUPLEX on a chair. Houston was outmatched here. ★★

The Outlaws retained the Western Tag Team Championship against The British Bulldogs when Blackjack Mulligan smashed Davey Boy Smith with a boot to the face. In this No DQ/No Countout match, Mulligan caught Smith unawares and got a quick pin. Captain Lou Albano complained that the ref Dick Woehrle counted too fast, but the decision stands.

In the Main Event, Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage beat King Harley Race via DQ when Race smashed Savage in the face with the Western Heavyweight Championship. No one was allowed at ringside and this was a fantastic back and forth but Race got frustrated with not being able to take down Savage and resorted to dirty tactics to retain the title. James Beard let a lot slide but something so blatant as what Race did couldn’t stand. The fans were not happy. ★★★★