PNW 18 – Portland Wrestling

PNW 18 – Portland Wrestling from Klamath County Event Center, Klamath Falls, OR. February 1, 1980

Sgt. Slaughter absolutely crushed Steve Regal in minutes with a throat drop on the ropes – SQUASH – Slaughter didn’t come to fool around and wanted to show the fans in Klamath Falls he means business in PNW.

Magnum T.A. put Tom Prichard out with a sleeper to win their Grudge Match – ★★½ – Magnum T.A. thrilled the crowd with a dominant victory over his rival.

Don Leo Jonathan defied all odds and made Doug Somers submit to a bear hug in his Handicap Match against Somers and Buddy Rose – ★★★★ – Towards the end of the match, after Jonathan had laid out Somers and was beating the hell out of Rose, a hulking giant of a man rushed the ring and charged Jonathan. Jonathan side stepped the big man and the interloper went crashing outside the ring and disappeared into the crowd. Who was this big man? The fans are behind Jonathan 100%

In the Main Event, Dutch Savage and Adrian Adonis beat The Destroyer and The Grappler when Savage covered Grappler after a JUMPING PILEDRIVER – ★★★★½ – A heck of a main event here! The Destroyer and The Grappler got in some offense but this match was mainly all Savage and Adonis!