MCW 32

MCW 32 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, TN. March 8, 1980.

Paul Ellering had a little trouble but was able to beat Keith Steinborn with an overhead body slam – ★ – Ellering didn’t look nearly as impressive as Jimmy Hart would lead us to believe.

Dutch Mantell made short work of Frogman LeBlanc making him submit with the DOUBLE DUTCH CLUTCH – SQUASH

Lance Russell Held a contract signing for a Lights Out Match between Tommy Rich and Austin Idol for the Southern Heavyweight Championship. Strong words were said, but it didn’t come to blows.

Sputnik Monroe used the NECKBREAKER to beat Ricky Morton in a marathon of a match that had the fans on their feet – ★★½

In the Main Event, Tommy & Eddie Gilbert beat The New Wave when Eddie Gilbert surprised Bobby Eaton with a quick roll up – ★ – Jimmy Hart complained that the ref counted too fast but the decision stands! Eaton and Ware attacked The Gilberts as the show went off the air.