Live from GSW Studios, Burbank, CA!

THE BOLSHEVIKS d. MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION via pinfall in a HUGE upset! – SQUASH – Right after the opening bell, Volkoff dropped Virgil throat first on the top rope and then got the pin! DiBiase and Sherri Martel were LIVID!

King Harley Race d. Cousin Luke via pinfall after a PILEDRIVER. – *** – Luke actually gave the King a run for his money! This feud between Heenan’s Family and The Hillbillies is far from over!

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. THE BUSHWHACKERS via DQ when Bushwhacker Luke whipped Bobby Eaton into the guardrails against the ref’s warnings. – DUD – Not much here. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS came to wrestle, THE BUSHWHACKERS just came to brawl!

Before our next match, The Mountie and Sherri Martel came out to ringside and demanded that Commissioner Patrick do something about the wild antics of The Missing Link. Commissioner Patrick came out and agreed and announced that if The Missing Link got DQ’d during this match, he’d be suspended for 3 cards, which would put him out of Wrestlemania III! The Mountie and Sherri looked quite pleased at this ruling.

The Missing Link d. The Mountie by DQ when The Mountie used his SHOCK STICK. – ** – The fans HATED this and booed loudly! Link had actually behaved quite well. However immediately after the bell rang, Commissioner Patrick returned and announced that the two would fight again next show and this time if The Mountie go DQ’d, HE’D be suspended! The crowd ate this up!

First out were WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE ROAD WARRIOR and Paul Ellering! They weren’t out long when DiBiase and Virgil came out to demand a rematch against THE BOLSHEVIKS from earlier! Animal and Hawk didn’t take kindly to the interruption and a huge brawl broke out! Security had to come separate the four men! Is this an accidental feud or something the Million Dollar Corporation did to put them in the title hunt? Guess we’ll find out.

After a break we were back with Apter’s next guest, Hillbilly Jim! Apter asked about him injuring King Kong Bundy and Jim said while he didn’t like ‘putting guys out’ as he thinks ‘that’s tactics the Heenan Family would use,’ he said he will fight fire with fire! Just then Mr. Perfect came on set saying he’d gladly prove what kind of tactics the Heenan Family uses and challenged Hillbilly Jim to a match one on one next time. Jim said, “Why wait!” and the two started brawling! Security finally got them separated and they were yelling at each other as we…



  1. Ken on March 12, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Im hoping Link puts The Mountie away!