Live from GSW Studios in Burbank, CA!

Magnificent Muraco d. Mister X via pinfall with the HAWAIIAN HAMMER – SQUASH – As Muraco celebrated, a hooded figure jumped the ring apron and attacked both Muraco and Fuji! Security swarmed the ring, but the figure escaped back into the crowd! Muraco and Fuji were furious.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan d. S.D. Jones via pin with a piledriver. – *** – Great match between these two. It could have gone either way, but Duggan picked up the win. The two shook hands afterwards.

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS d. THE BUSHWHACKERS via pinfall when Bobby Eaton hit Bushwhacker Luke with the VEG-O-MATIC. – **3/4 – Eaton and Lane were in control almost the whole match. Using their technical skills to defeat the unpredictability of Luke and Butch!

Before our next match, the big return match between The Mountie and Missing Link, Albano was leading his charge to the ring when he was stopped by a messenger. The messenger told him that there was a delivery at the back of the studio for him. Albano said it’d have to wait but the messenger said it couldn’t. Albano pointed Link to the ring for his match and said he’d be out in a second! So, unaided, Missing Link headed ringside!

(If The Mountie is DQ’d, he is suspended for three cards!)
The Mountie d. Missing Link via DQ when Link slammed The Mountie into the guardrails. – *** – After the bell, Sherri scratched Link with her nails down his back! He started stalking her and she climbed up into the ring. Link was about to grab her when the recovered Mounti, clobbered Link with his Shock Stick! He was about to use the deadly instrument on Link when Albano ran to ringside and grabbed a mic! He said he thought the delivery in the back was for him, but it turns out it was for The Mountie! He waved towards the back and George “The Animal” Steele came charging to ringside! The Mountie and Sherri turned white and fled immediately into the crowd and out of the studio! Steele then helped Link up and the two raised their hands! Then Steele ate a turnbuckle! Looks like The Animal is back to get his vengeance on The Mountie!

Andre The Giant came out to the cheers of the crowd! He said that the bad blood between him and One Man Gang was far from over. This brought out One Man Gang and Sir Oliver Humperdink! Gang said he was the true ‘big man’ of Golden State Wrestling and challenged Andre to a Street Fight at Wrestlemania IV! Andre agreed and reached out a hand to seal the deal! The One Man Gang went to shake it and then decked Andre and he and Humperdink fled the interview area! Andre laughed off the punch and said he’d get his revenge at Wrestlemania!

After the commercial break, Apter welcomed Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka to his show! Snuka dropped a huge announcement saying he was now going to join The Hillbillies in their fight against The Heenan Family! He called it the ‘War On The Weasel’ and said he’d be accompanying Hillbilly Jim to the ring tonight for his main event match against Mr. Perfect! While he spoke, King Harley Race came out of nowhere and clobbered Snuka with his crown! Snuka stood and turned around and Race had bailed. Snuka promised he and The Hillbillies would be victorious in their war!

Mr. Perfect d. Hillbilly Jim via pinfall after Perfect performed a noggin knocker on Hillbilly Jim and Jimmy Snuka who’d hopped up on the ring to warn the ref about Heenan’s shenanigans at ringside. – ** – Heenan and Perfect headed to the back, laughing, after the bell. Snuka was very apologetic for costing Jim the match, but the two shook hands to the cheers of the crowd as we…

Goodnight fans!


  1. Ken on March 20, 2011 at 7:16 am

    Sweet! The Animal is back! Run Mountie Run! I suspect One Man Gang is going to get destroyed at Wrestlemania. The Hillbillies may just be able to put up a fight against The Heenan Family with Jimmy Snuka joining their ranks.