Live from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA!

The show opens in the locker room with Terry Gordy.

GORDY: One year ago, I was standing tall at the end of the first ever Golden State Wrestling Rookie Brawl. And even though I won, I had to use some underhanded tactics to get my spot on the roster. I went from The Unknown to the man standing in front of you tonight! My goal is to capture gold by Wrestlemania. And I’m now realizing that I can’t do it alone.

Sir Oliver Humperdink walks into frame.

HUMPERDINK: At Last Night, this man here stepped into the ring with the One Man Gang. Even though Gordy came up on the losing end of that match, I saw in him potential. Terry Gordy is now a member of the House of Humperdink and, together, we are going to get that gold!

Sensational Sherri comes ringside to the cheers of the studio audience. Her opponent Leilani Kai is in the ring with her manager, newcomer, The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart! He’s talking a mile a minute through his megaphone. The fans are not pleased with this annoyance.

Sensational Sherri d. Leilani Kai via submission with a spinning toe hold – **
– After the match, Fabulous Moolah snuck out and attacked Sherri! Leilani Kai joined in with Jimmy Hart egging them both on! Rockin’ Robin ran out from the back to make the save and runs off Moolah and Kai, to the cheers of the fans.

Jimmy Hart stays at ringside to announce that not only is he Leilani Kai’s new manager, he’s also bringing a new faces to Golden State Wrestling! He introduces newcomer, Adrian Adonis!

Adrian Adonis d. George South via submission with GOODNIGHT IRENE – SQUASH
– Adonis looks fantastic in his debut and his manager Jimmy Hart could not be more excited.

Pomp and Circumstance fills the studio and out comes Randy “Macho Man” Savage! The crowd looks on as this flashy newcomer makes his way to the ring.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage d. Mister X via pinfall with a FLYING ELBOW SMASH – **
– Mister X gave Savage a heck of a challenge here! Mister X was on offense until the very end of the match. Probably not the dominant debut Savage was looking for.

Jimmy Hart is back at ringside to the groans of the studio audience.

HART: You can boo me all you want, it doesn’t matter to me. The First Family is growing by leaps and bounds! You’ve seen Leilani Kai. You’ve seen the impressive debut of Adrian Adonis, well, I got another debut for you, baby! You see I was at home scouting talent and there was one man who was grossly underserved buy the company he was hanging out with. He was being used as a bodyguard and treated as a servant. I reached out to him and I said, “Baby, you join The First Family and the sky’s the limit! You won’t be a bodyguard, you’ll be a star!” He agreed. He took some time off and started a rugged training regiment and was open to focusing on tag team wrasslin’. I found him the meanest, toughest partner I could find and he’s here tonight! You knew him as The Mountie, but now he’s just Jaques Rougeau and with his partner Pierre Carl Oullett, they are THE QUEBECERS!

THE QUEBECERS make their way to the ring to a chorus of boos! Rougeau looks a bit trimmer and ready to fight.

THE QUEBECERS d. Kenny Jay and Jim Milliman via pinfall when Jaques Rougeau covers Kenny Jay after THE TOWER OF QUEBEC – SQUASH
– Jaques Rougeau is back and looks fantastic in this match with his new partner. Their manager Jimmy Hart celebrates wildly after their victory.

ROUGEAU: THE QUEBECERS have arrived and Superintendent Hart is right! The sky is the limit!

OULLETT: La plus grande équipe de lutte est arrivée!!!

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase makes his way to the ring for some singles action! Virgil is by his side. Terry Gordy is our next with his new manager, Sir Oliver Humperdink! This will be our main event!

Million Dollar Man d. Terry Gordy via submission with the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM – ***
– Terry Gordy’s quest to win gold this year is off to a rough start. It seems that even with Humperdink in his corner, he’s got a long road ahead of him. After the match, DiBiase looks into the camera.

DIBIASE: I’ve languished in the tag team ranks for far too long. I was Golden State Wrestling’s first ever WORLD CHAMPION and I’m coming to reclaim what’s mine!

Goodnight, fans!


  1. Ken on January 5, 2021 at 5:57 pm

    Great card Grant, Gordy is tough but Ted DiBiase is definitely not a slouch!

    • The Commissioner on January 5, 2021 at 10:16 pm

      Thanks for checking it out. That was definitely a match where the dice didn’t help my storyline at all. 😀