GSW 134 – Main Event Wrestling

September 1, 2022

GSW Card 134 Main Event Wrestling, The Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA. January 26, 1980 The Powers of Pain pulled…

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PNW 17 – Portland Wrestling

August 5, 2022

PNW Card 17 from Portland Armory, Portland, OR. January 25, 1980 Sgt. Slaughter put Kenny Jay away in under a…

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MCW 29

July 27, 2022

MCW Card 29 from Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN on January 21, 1980 Tommy & Eddie Gilbert get a DQ victory…

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GSW 133 – Wrestling Challenge

July 9, 2022

GSW Card 133 from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA on January 20, 2022 The Powers of Pain had a ton…

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MCW 28

July 7, 2022

MCW Card 28 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, TN. January 12, 1980 The show started with Jimmy Hart announcing he’d made…

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PNW 16 – Portland Wrestling

July 3, 2022

PNW Card 16 – Portland Wrestling from the Portland Armory, Portland, OR – Friday, January 11, 1980 Tom Prichard used…

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GSW 132 – Prime Time Wrestling

June 10, 2022

GSW Card #132 – Prime Time Wrestling featuring matches from The Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA Johnny Rodz picked up…

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GSW 131 – Wrestling Superstars

June 6, 2022

Card 131 – Wrestling Superstars from Golden State Studios, Burbank, CA Nikolai Volkoff used the BACKBREAKER DROP to beat his…

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MCW 27 – Wrestling

June 3, 2022

MCW Card 27 from Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN. Austin Idol used the LAS VEGAS LEGLOCK to make Koko Ware submit…

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MCW 26 – Wrestling

May 27, 2022

MCW 26 from WMC-TV Studios, Memphis, TN Dutch Mantell made incredibly short work of Frogman LeBlanc, locking him in the…

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GSW 130 – Last Night

April 27, 2022

GSW Card 130 Last Night from Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA. $25,000 20 Man Over The Top Battle RoyalWinner: Boris ZhukovOrder…

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MCW 25 – Memphis Championship Wrestling

April 26, 2022 MCW Card 25 from Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN. Sputnik Monroe used a devastating piledriver to beat Superstar Bill Dundee…

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MCW 24 – Memphis Wrestling

April 19, 2022

MCW Card 24 from Tupelo Sports Arena, Tupelo, MS. In our opener, Randy Rose picked up a DQ victory over…

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MCW 23 – Memphis Wrestling

April 18, 2022

MCW Card 23 from Louisville Gardens, Louisville, KY! In his Memphis Wrestling debut, Sputnik Monroe used the NECKBREAKER to put…

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PNW 15 – Portland Wrestling

April 11, 2022

PNW Card 15 from Portland Sports Arena, Portland, OR! Brickhouse Brown crushed Steve Regal with a FLYING BODY PRESS in…

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GSW 129 – Prime Time Wrestling

April 9, 2022

Card 129 Prime Time Wrestling featuring matches from The Cow Palace, San Francisco. Iron Sheik used the Loaded Boot to…

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PNW 14 – Portland Wrestling

April 8, 2022

PNW Card 14 from Klamath County Event Center, Klamath Falls, OR. Magnum T.A. picked up a DQ victory against Tom…

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PNW 13 – Portland Wrestling

April 2, 2022

PNW Card 13 from Portland Sports Arena, Portland, OR! Tom Prichard was out to prove a point tonight, putting The…

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PNW 12 – Portland Wrestling

March 29, 2022

PNW Card 12 from Portland Sports Arena, Portland, OR! Steve Regal gets a DQ victory over Don Leo Jonathan when…

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PNW 11 – Portland Wrestling

March 28, 2022

PNW Card 11 from Matthew Knight Arena, Eugene, OR! In his debut, Don Leo Jonathan crushed Doug Somers after the…

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PNW 10 – Portland Wrestling

March 26, 2022

Card 10 from the Portland Sports Arena, Portland, OR The Destroyer (who came to the ring with The Grappler) used…

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